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Somewhere along the way you meet people who let you see how much of life you missed out and let you see a different perspective than your own preconceived notion then you realize that life is just not as simple as ABC. Life is for you to live it fully and not just dream about it when you go to sleep or let your imagination do the job. For one to enjoy life you must grasp it wholeheartedly, cherish the moment, live only for today, love fully, hurt so much, fall so hard, cry your heart out, laugh out loud and reach out to others. Don’t hide yourself in your sheltered little world and just imagine of things to come or wish for the life you want instead try to mold yourself to what you want your life to be. I’ve just realized how much of life I’ve taken for granted but then someone came and let you see its not too late to enjoy your moment, to be able to live again without conditions, without regret, without restrictions and be like the bird in the sky so carefree. The only way you could ever show your appreciation is just by saying thank you for the things that open my eyes to a new perspective. Yes I am a dreamer but sometimes dreamer’s don’t just dream they live too for the moment…