Stolen Moments – written by moi

I was lonely
then you caught my eye
You seem lonely
I wonder why
You look my way
I glanced away
too shy to look
but it’s all it took
to catch my heart
upon your palm
Don’t squeeze it
Oh please
take care of it
so fragile
so precious
It seldom love
but for you
I will
even go
an extra mile
just to let you know
how special that
one stolen moment
when our eyes
first meet

Note: I have been writing poetry since I was in high school and through the years I have compile and make a website of my poems unfortunately the site shutdown so everything was lost but it’s a good thing I have soft copy so little by little I will upload them online but I decided not to put it here but I compile it to my wattpad account here’s the link if you want to read some of my poetries – http://www.wattpad.com/user/Sonnenscheinz

  1. jazz says:

    omg i love your poetry it really touched me and it actually brought me to tears im going throughj a hard time so it was nice to read some romantic poems as weird as that sounds but keep writting its beautiful

  2. adeic says:

    Oh thank you so much for liking my poetries if you visit my poetry site you will see more of my poems in there….I’m glad it makes u happy even though ur having a hard time right now but I hope everything will be ok for you

  3. poetreearborist says:

    beautiful, my goodness. i am really inspired by your work.

  4. adeic says:

    thanks poetreearborist for the comment got more of it in my website http://ad3x.net

  5. Hani says:

    i m Hani..

    u poetry is v nice and heart touching.
    itz just like talking with some ones Heart.


    i wish 2 see more…

  6. adeic says:

    i have more poetries in this address http://ad3x.net

  7. farida says:

    i rly like the lyrics i hope i would lesson it`s songs also

  8. adeic says:

    Hi Farida thanks for liking it’s actually a poem well who knows someday someone might like it and make it a song… it’s my greatest wish…

    By the way my poetry site/link no longer exist I’m trying to modify it.

  9. Sioban says:

    I’ve just stumbled across your site, using the following words in the google search enginer life, essence and being. These words have brought me to your site and I love your site and your poetry and the images you have posted. So weired because I am going through something very similar…

    Here’s one of my poems I’d like to share with you.

    Ask me and I’ll prove my love to you
    I’ll run to the four corners of the earth for you
    Capture the wind in my hands and bring it to you

    Ask me and I’ll show you how I love you
    I’ll run across the rainbow and carry its treasure to you
    Steal its colour and paint a picture for you

    Ask me and I’ll tell you the love I have for you
    I’ll ride the next storm shouting it out to you
    Gather the rain with my pen and spell it out for you

  10. Nice work buddy…superbly written.

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