I love the arts anything in life that involves the art I love it. I love romance too cause its just makes your heart so happy and gay. Anyway here’s some photographs I’ve found in the internet and wish to share with you.

Disclaimer: I do not owned this photos nor do I claimed copyright to it. This just for purpose of sharing and discusion. If by chance you are the owner and don’t like to see it here please leave a comment and I’ll gladly take it away.  Thanks again and enjoy:-)





  1. ANA says:

    love is gone

  2. adeic says:

    Oh why is love gone? I still believe even if it went away for a time it will always find its way back into you…have a wonderful week

  3. لبنانية says:


  4. لبنانية says:


  5. simplyjacy says:

    you have an interesting site here.
    you are gifted with words.
    and you have an eye for art.
    i hope you’re having a good day!

  6. adeic says:

    thanks Jacy for the comment on my works & the photos I have found in the Internet…I hope you’re doing well

  7. emily says:

    love will out live our last breath…as for these photos, nothing but beautiful.

  8. adeic says:

    thanks emily your so true love will out live our last breath it goes on forever…Tc and have a beautiful day

  9. Hani says:

    Hello i had droped some posts here bt they had gone where?

  10. Hani says:

    come on adeic ..
    I am not a some 1 else ..

    these things r quite common to me..
    well plz dont mind what i say..
    ok i want to be a friend of u..

    thats my email..
    plz reply me atleast once.

  11. Hani says:

    adeic i need ur reply plz..

  12. adeic says:

    hi hani thanks for your honest comment i do enjoy reading comments from readers 🙂 nice insights…

  13. JoV says:

    Beautiful photos! I have bookmarked your website while I’m writing about love and trying to get beautiful pictures to go with it.

    Hope you find the love that you have always wanted. Sincerely.

  14. nimani says:

    love is that…………there is a no end.

  15. adeic says:

    Hi Jov thanks for bookmarking my site and that hope you’ve find the photos you are looking for….

    Nimani you’re so right Love has no end because it continues to flow in our hearts always… Good day to you…

  16. Fluenlytoitly says:

    hi, good site very much appreciatted

  17. adeic says:

    thanks for the comment flu…. do come again some time

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