Complicated Mess

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Choices, Complicated, Crossroads, Decisions, Dreaming, friendship, Goodbye, Uncategorized
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I wish you were mine and I’m yours but eversince I meet you life’s kinda complicated. I meet you for the wrong reason because I really needed a diversion at that time from my preoccupation with a certain person. At first you were just a game to fill up the empty spaces in my life but you were a sweet person that I can’t help myself but start to like you till I find out the truth that you have a lady in your life. So I took a backstage away from you coz I don’t want to complicate things and yet it didn’t workout with you and her. We started to talk again you said you were broken hearted I laugh at that thinking of it as a joke not realizing you were telling the truth. You told me next time you come home we’ll meet and I told you I don’t know I might not be here the next time around. After that time we barely communicated and I’ve realize you meet another special lady in your life. I was not jealous of her coz I thought to myself that maybe you deserve someone like her in your life, who will understand your needs and give you the love and care you needed. Because if we were meant to have a relationship then it would have happen after the break up of the first lady. But what bugs me sometimes is the fact that you talk with me after all these time and makes plan with me when you know for a fact you’re already comitted to someone else. And though I know what I am in your life I still feel a bit excited when we talk. Don’t get me wrong I’m not planning to be an odd ball, the third wheel or the one that creates chaos in a somewhat happy relationship. I know my place and I’m happy for you and your girl but please stop disturbing my peace of mind and this solidarity I have within me. Yes I admit I like you but you’re one complication I’m not willing to take in my life.

  1. ymac says:

    You are right it’s not taking a risk for a person who is not deserving to your love. If he truly loves you the first time he went home he will make a move to see you. And at this time still he will be the one to take a move to see you if he really wants to see you. Sometimes, it’s hard to let go and we are expecting that he is the one for us. But, at the end we still realize that it’s just for fun. Nothing more…although we like and admit it that we want it. But, if he is not worthy of our love lets accept to forget it… There’s a lot of fish in the wide open sea…who knows someday you will smile and says… “ahak naku sige ko pangita naa raman diay sa akong duol akong soulmate”… hehehhe…or if it’s not near we still smile and says oh gosh…he is my prince charming why I don’t believe on my destiny. But, I tell you my friend never ceases to find your love at the end you will win…goodluck in searching and miss u!

  2. adeic says:

    hai fren you made me laugh with your comments… I thank you for always being there and listening to all my troubles… thank you so much for being a good friend through the years…

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