You and Me

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Loving You, Moments, Moving On, Relationship, Uncategorized
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Maybe God does not want my life to have an “US” because come to think of it we’ve known each other for so long, we’ve travel far and our life have gone through ups and down. Yes I admit that I’ve been taken by you like no one can, love you deeply than all the other men I’ve known yet there’s something in me that holds back in giving you all of me without restriction, without conditions. So maybe it’s one of the reason why there could never be an “US” but if what is meant to be should come to pass then it would have happen sooner not later. I do believe that God send you to me for a reason maybe to cheer me up at my loneliest time and lift my soul when it seems to fall apart and vice versa. I know this is not a one sided thing but God’s ways are more magical than our way so I trust in Him. Maybe “US” was not meant to be but there is still a you and me who journey life maybe not together but still believing love will come their way and stay there forever. Thank you for everything and for the memories.

  1. Flory says:

    from what i’ve read there is still just one person that has stolen your heart completely and you can never love someone else but him…in some of your posts you talk about meeting another guy ..(my opinion) he never did fill up that hole that you have..what i want to ask you is what did guy nr1 did to deserve such a love from you and how can it not be an “US” when you love him so much? you say your just friends but for so long you’ve been in love with him and still nothing.why can’t you be with him? If you can’t be with him for some reason how can you be just friends when every look in another direction from him hurts so much?..i to have a hole when someone very special to me left and i to have tried to replace it but still my mind and my heart ends up thinking of guy nr 1..i do hope everything works out for you..with him or without him:)

  2. adeic says:

    Thanks for the comment you have many interesting question in there. I think one of the reason there was no “us” is that I can sense in him that he don’t want to commit he just wants us to be lovers no strings attached. I mean it’s so easy to become one if I didn’t feel so strongly for him and kinda have this logic that better be goodfriends than lose him later if we become lovers and it did not workout. I mean it’s a dilemma I’ve been struggling for so long hook up with other guys yet I still feel differently whenever he’s around. I know in time this feeling I have will come to past. Hope you’re doing fine in there

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