It is hard to love someone in silent. It is hard to keep that love to yourself knowing that it wants to be set free, to be let go and to be share. But I have no choice but to keep this feeling to myself. You warned me not to love you because I might only hurt myself in the process. I guess you know deep inside that you cannot give away what you don’t feel in your heart. I don’t know which is painful keeping this love to myself or not getting the love I want from you. Either way it still hurt a bit knowing you love someone who treats you only as a friend. 

I thought what I feel for you was just gratitude for the time when loneliness seems to envelop me and you were there to lift my spirit up. But everytime I see you I know it’s more than gratitude and I know that you have a soft spot here in my heart. I know I feel a certain affection towards you but geeezzz it’s so hard to keep this feeling to myself. It’s so hard loving you in silence. It’s so hard to be just your friend.

But come to think of it I’ll rather love you like a mute and be your friend than tell you I love you and you’ll go away from me.

  1. Duma Key says:

    Silent love is hard, but bitter regret is harder.
    A powerfull blog…. and wise thoughts.

  2. adeic says:

    thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. Lyveasna says:

    Hi all I want make friend all of you ok te? 099668661or 099943926

  4. Mark says:

    omg been there and is still in one, hahah but heres how you know.. do you get the chills? is he the first to make you feel.. any prophetic dreams? do you know him so well, he even admits(raises eyebrows up and down) some people are just not as good at expressing, either they have high expectations of themselves, or they are intimidated. he may be an emotional one, but has hard time showing it, bipolar? maybe, but your not delusional! he likes to tease, and so we got to be hard to get, and play our role well enough, to give him easy shots to impress and feel powerful, does he call you? maybe he just wants to have that title, so he can have the power. trust, friendship, similarities~ we are the woman and they need us, HAHA dont worry, do some numerology and horoscope compatibility, and get a deeper insight, have secrets, and inside stuff, dont even tripp 😉 do you feel safe? has he ever looked at you and said nothing? is he nervous? does he spend alot of time with you? is he ready? maybe hes scared cuz you might be the one~ anywho i can help you with some compatibility insights just email me tehe~ o ya and it doesnt matter if he makes fun of you, theres something about it that you like, find his love style, does some of the things he says trigger an emotion like no one can say it better? or who the hell says that! does he like your friends? are you close to his mom? your an asset! we are mysterous and got something they dont know~ be obnoxious, be memorable, be confident, itll never end, have faith in him and things he says, take him seriously (at times) try something totally out of character, when the moment calls for it, itll spice it up, even if it was to be angry, rare occations i would use a love spell~ cry, burp, do you learn and grow from him? does he bring out sides of you? say what he is thinking, sing together, men dont become prince and definately not king over not, and especially when your still a princess, point out his ego, which you do rather like, cuz your going with his shots, your power is just as strong, share some of the blaime, most of all pray for him, and encourage him to pray. “love is an art, painted atop a canvas of mutual respect” :p

  5. adeic says:

    thanks Mark for a wonderful insights… a great day to you

  6. kumar says:

    I dont want to lose my love…ever…never

  7. syed adi says:

    at that time i’m also lose my love she was come back i know coz she love me alot any way i will prayer that no body lose over love

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