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I’m feeling too restless today I don’t know why maybe because I miss you so much and I just don’t like this feeling at all. Although I’m really grateful that things between us are so much better than before but still distance is a hard thing to take. Sometimes I want to hold you close to me, so many things I want to do yet that’s what keep me from doing things because of the distance. I don’t know why time is so elusive that it always keeps us away from each other. It’s really so hard when you feel too much emotion and you can’t express it since the object of your affection is quite far from you. I really wish I won’t feel this way, this longing and this missing part because it’s quite an agony. It’s really hard to fall for someone when you know they are far from you and you know that it’s so hard to be with them at this moment. But I wish somehow since we’ve come this far we’ll find a way to bridge the distance somehow and know for real what we really felt for each other whether its a one sided thing or whether we both feel the same way. So for now I’m just gonna find ways not to feel too lonely but just be thankful for having him back here in my life no matter how far.