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Sometimes I reminisce back to the days when I believe in fairy tales, of distant castles, of a knight in shining armour to rescue a damsel in distress. But those days are crazy fantasies of a hopeless child believing of a happy ever after not realizing that reality is a series of goodbye and a never ending search for the one person that you could possibly spend the rest of your life. Today I’ve think about the dream because I allow myself to feel for a moment what its like to be a child again to feel the hope and the joy that somehow in this big crazy world there is someone to catch you if you fall, to wipe away the tears and to assure you that hey it’s ok to be weak because I’ll be the strength that carry you through in the darkest times. A love that can equal’s God unconditional love?

But that’s really frustrating when you think about it because human love has its flaws and limitations compare to God’s unconditional devotion. We can search our whole lifetime trying to find that love but we will only end up frustrated. So what’s the best thing to do well for me I’ll just follow my heart when it beats the fastest then I’ll know that it’s guiding me somewhere to a person who might just be the one I’m looking for. Of course there’s no assurance or guarantee that its the ever after you so wish for.

As for me most of my blogs here refer to a certain person who have been in and out of my life for over a year now. I’ve always thought that I can turn my back on him, let go and move on but everytime he comes back I always welcome him back with open arms. Because being with him makes my life worthwhile, it seems he fills an empty void inside my heart, his presence always brought a smile to my face eventhough at times I get frustrated with things as it is.

I don’t know what’s our ending nor do I know if his the one, all I know is that I’m willing to hope, to wish and to keep the faith that somewhere, somehow I’ll find the answer to my questions and that throughout that time he’ll never leave me alone, but stay by my side and be my strength as we both search our own horizon hoping to meet each other halfway.

For now I want to thank you for so many things and for making me so happy, though it hurts to think that we’ll be apart again indefinitely, but I pray for the time we can bridge the distance and find comfort in each others arms one day.