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It’s been awhile since I’ve really written something here. I guess I got caught up with the things that’s bothering me, the health problem, the financial aspect, the careers and maybe the lovelife. It’s a been a bit loco months no more time to spend much writing my blogs. But through all the things that’s happening around I still keep thinking back to one person how I’ve let him down. How I didn’t keep my promises. I guess the conflict between us and the communication gap made me do it, made me break my promises or was it pride.

A very good friend of mine used to advised me not to let pride rule my life, because if one is matured enough to handle any consequences that life deals then there is no place for pride. But what can I say though he didn’t realize it he also hurt me in his own way thus my pride keep me from fulfilling my promise. Was I wrong to did what I’ve done, to not leap with faith into him, to turn my back and not meet him halfway? I don’t know I have no answer all I know is that I’ve already lost him and I don’t know if I’m glad or sad because he did become a part of me even for a shortwhile. He did make me smile when I feel like crying. He did fill my days with music thinking finally I’ve found someone after my own heart. Did he feel the same way well he never did tell.

But the thing I’m thankful the most is the time he came into my life when it was a bit confusing and now maybe its time that we did part ways. Maybe that’s just life’s way of letting people drift apart from us. I’ve tried to keep myself busy and do all kind of stuff but sometimes though memories of you came back into my life. It crepts in and I start to miss you and I don’t like that because somewhere, somehow I want to let go of you and get on with my life.