I love your blog award

Posted: September 13, 2008 in Award, Life, Love

Thanks so much to Krishna for this award its very appreciated  and unexpected. So if you have time please visit my friend Krisha site for a more informative read. So here goes the rules: 

Rule no. 1: The winner can put the logo on their blog.

Rule no. 2: Link the person you received your award from (surely do can even see him in my blogroll)

Rule no. 3: Nominate at least 7 other blogs. (ahh its that hard to find some blogs in here have only a few friends here)

Rule no. 4: Put links of those blogs on yours. (will do that) 

Rule no. 5: Leave a message on the blogs you’ve nominated.

it’s quite hard to put messages on my favorite blogs but I’ll try my very best 🙂

1.) Sand and everything under the Sun – she say she’s a worst writer but I dare to disagree, there is a creativity and talent just waiting to be explored. I know you don’t like blogging that much but it’s a good start to create lots of creative concepts 

2.) Chronicles of Boredom – She writes with a passion of the things she loves about. I like how she expresses things in her own word, very entertaining and it just seems you can’t get enough of it 🙂 

3.) My Comfort Zone – this blogger is very dedicated indeed to the blogworld and I love reading her updates and glimpses about her life. She is the one who also tell me about how to start making money out of your blog. 

4.) Chrissy’s Haven – I have been following her blog in blogspot unfortunately she deleted it but I found her other blog in wordpress and would like to give her this award. I like your blog because it speaks about your life’s journey. 

5.) Avid Thinker – she is a colleague and I believe she will go far with her writing just keep the pen burning and running through times. 

6.) My Little Home – this lady I’ve only meet in the blogging world but I know she has a warm heart especially for her kids and husband. Keep up the good word you’ve been doing with your blog. 

7.) Hodgepodge – being a mother and wife is not an easy task but this lady has always been good in balancing her act.  Although you seem to be rethinking about redefining your blog but actually it has a charm of its own.
  1. anne says:

    hello gurl, Ill do this task after I get to sportsfest of my kids ha? hehehe thanks for this gurl

  2. adeic says:

    no problem girl just take care of your family first 🙂 It’s what really matters…

  3. angelzhannin says:

    hello yadz! thanks sa love blog award wow starring au ang title sa blog nako

  4. adeic says:

    hi yads no probs lagi starrring kau but i like your blog man yads…actually i love your blog award jud na tapulan man akong gi short cut hehehe

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