Cold September

Posted: September 9, 2008 in Choices, Journey, Life, Loving You, Moving On, Relationship
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Now its September and I feel my world is getting colder because the wind is suddenly closing in. Nope it’s not autumn in the place where I live in cause it has only two season (rainy and dry). But this coldness emanates from within when I realize that you’re really gone from my life for good. I guess it sort of blow out the light that continue to sparks, to hope, to dream that there just might be an ending. Yeah I know as real as the sun rises everyday and sets in twilight that you’re not coming back. I’ll feel the wind for now but I know it won’t be long since usually storms just pass by and leaves just as fast as it come. I know life would be good after awhile with or without you but I’ve said goodbye to you many times and what’s the different now. Well I guess since now I’m going to be closing a chapter in my book and will never look back. Heck just as what my friends always tell me “Anyone who doesn’t value you doesn’t deserve you”. Well I guess I was not meant for you just as well cause you didn’t see my worth. This will be a new beginning in my journey in love and wondering who might be the next one to put that smile on my face and make my heart skip a beat.

  1. Krishna says:

    Hi Adeic!

    September is not that bad a month. For me it is a bit calm and quiet month when the black clouds just start receding and the sun shines again.
    And yes, you need to shake off the past in order to look with expectant eyes in the future and your friends rightly say “Anyone who doesn’t value you doesn’t deserve you”.

    Btw, Adeic, i just confessed that i love your blog and so would like to present you the award of “I love your Blog’. Please do visit my blog and accept it. :))

    Have a good day!

  2. Krishna says:

    And yes just forgot to you live in Paris? The picture you posted in this blog makes me think so?

    Tu est parisienne?

  3. adeic says:

    thank you Krishna oh how I wish I live in Paris its my dream destination…so for now its just pictures and my thoughts…yes indeed I really need to move on cause its so hard if one keeps looking back at the past…and by the way thanks for the comment and award its my first award in this blog…

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