What the heck?

Posted: August 14, 2008 in Choices, I love you, Journey, Letting Go, Love, Loving You, Relationship
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I’m not supposed to say bad words & do bad things & that sort of stuff but geeesh sometimes I forget & I say forgive me Lord please….Anyways I can’t sleep yet I need to wake up early tomorrow & gotta do lots of things…but damn you geezz why oh why I try so hard to finally not stalk your profile, think of you, listen to your music so that perhaps I might move on cause you’re my uncertain weakness….isn’t it quite obvious I’m blogging more these days so it means somethings bothering me, maybe its you, maybe its work but I know in time it’ll pass…but you know what I went again to your profile & the funny thing is that I see your latest uploaded songs by Leona Lewis…and what’s even more funnier is that I was really contemplating making a playlist all by Leona Lewis & you beat me to that…I read all the lyrics to the songs you’ve upload so whose regret are you feeling, are you still holding on to your past? Hmm oh well but what made me laugh is your last song “Better in time” ahhh so we got the same theme song ehh we wish to get better in time hahaha but how many songs we’ve had in common too many to even mention ….. your playlist is still in my mp4 I haven’t deleted either single one…but when I hear the songs I’m wallowing in my self pity & regret….how about you what are you feeling? what are you thinking? Are you still regretful about the past? Let’s move on & get better in time….

PS: done august 12, 2008 just after I’ve written I actually matter

  1. snowwhitecinderella says:

    Well.. ending a relationship or admitting that something is wrong between you 2 is not easy..

    I had to do it myself lately ..

    The over all cliche :”time heals all wounds” .. sounds (very) cheezy.. but so I have noticed .. It contains some truth..


  2. dumakey says:

    Music has that power to deepend memory, and enlighten sences.
    Coming out of any relationship is hard, its hard to let go and hard to move on, but day by day tiny steps and we learn to walk. Be strong and focus on you and little by little the pain will easy till you are strong.

  3. adeic says:

    hey yes thanks for the comments I guess that’s life we must all be in the same boat one time or another…its just with this one seems its harded to move on…

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