Chasing Dreams

Posted: August 10, 2008 in Choices, I love you, Journey, Life, Love
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It’s close to midnight and I see you online. Should I say hi, hello, How’ve you been? It’s been awhile and I miss your company? Or should I just ignore you the same way that you’ve gone away for awhile. Ahhh this is always the case on and off then I see you again and we’re back at the beginning. What I need now is to be strong in facing my future alone without you. To make my own plans, to focus more on my own dreams and  hopefully to forget you totally. It’s really up to you if you intend to keep your promise. But, as for me I’m going to fly away and chase my dreams, and if someday God permits I might just go back the same path, the same road again and perhaps see you there waiting for me. But, that’s too long to think, too far to imagine  so I’ll just live my life fully yet still hoping for love to come and stay.

PS: By the way this month my blogs turn a year old and thank you for all the people who have been reading and blogrolling me here. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging that long about my journey of love, still continuing on the road until I find the person I’ll travel the world together.

  1. Francis says:

    Life love partner is a person who helps you to approach every step with confidence. A person who holds your hand when you are about to fall.

  2. adeic says:

    yes its true what you say about love but the only problem is that when they go away its hard to start back again from when you’re all alone without him…thanks for the comment

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