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Posted: July 30, 2008 in I love you, Letting Go, Life, Love, Moving On
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How do you start living again a new life?

How do you find the courage to go on & find a new horizon?

How do you say goodbye to someone who’ve touch something deep inside of you?

How do you let go of a dear friend & companion in those loneliest moments in your life?

How do you stay strong despite the weakness you’ve constantly felt?

How do you even find time to smile although your hearts crying in vain?

How do you go on when something wants to stay put in the past?

Too many questions I don’t have any answers or clue. I’ve been contemplating most of the times of these feelings & keep on wondering what is it with you that made me feel so deep.

I guess somehow without me knowing it you’ve creep & stick yourself firmly inside my heart. The heart that don’t want to love just to feel pain later on. But I guess you did exactly that, you tear the wall I’ve built so hard & just leave it shattered & broken.

I wish I am just dreaming, I wish you are not gone but when I open my eyes each day I know its real. I know you are gone and I don’t know if you’ll ever come back. So I guess I will live my life again back to the time I haven’t met you.

  1. snowwhitecinderella says:

    Wow.. I can relate… so much..

    I have recently broken up with my boyfriend.. after being together for almost 2 years, and living together for a half year..


  2. adeic says:

    hi thanks for reading my blog…yah that’s what im feeling & i dont like it…hope it all pass

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