Is it Over?

Posted: July 25, 2008 in Choices, Journey, Letting Go, Life, Love, Moving On
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Is this the end of the line for us? Is it time for me to let go? I’ve waited long enough for you to finally realize my presence in your life but too bad you’re just coming in and out of it. Do you have any plans at all or are you just waiting for the most convenient time. Time for what? To say goodbye to me or to say hello I’ve missed you. Either way I’m tired, tired of waiting for something that could just be an empty illusion. Maybe I’ve just built my castle too big in the air only to find sands amidst my feet. I want to be happy and if letting you go is the answer then so be it. I know its hard but time can heal and I’ll find someone who’ll make me happy. We may or may not meet again in this lifetime but I hope life would be kind to you. And thanks for the memories and the time when you made me feel so fine.

  1. angelzhannin says:

    makahilak man ta ani sa message nimu yadz oi hehehe

  2. adeic says:

    hehehe ayaw hilak yadz amards2x rajud na nko basta wla ko lingaw 🙂

  3. Hey. This was amazing to read. The tragedy. I’m sorry, as I read this I am as high as a kite. It is… beautific. The sadness and confusion you show. I wish my blog posts could be as well written and emotion. The way your cruise so many acrobatics in langauge into it, I feel like I have been driven to a new outlook in life. I am oh so thankful towards you. May you find a way to carry on life. He was always too busy for you anyway. You’ll find somebody new. You’re as sweet as my girl and she blogs in a similar way to you. I wish you and your guy had turned out like her and I.

  4. adeic says:

    Hi Connor thanks for the beautiful comment, you know I really am happy when my reader leave me a comment and in some way like what I have to say. This was written two years ago at a confuse stage in my life yes the journey we have with this guy friend of mine is like the waves sometimes it’s smooth sometimes it’s rough and most times just hanging on to the changing climate. I never did imagine that time that we would come this far but we didn’t turnout the way and your girl have… but who knows we just never know…

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