I guess I love you

Posted: July 1, 2008 in I love you, Love, Loving You, Relationship
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I guess I love you but why should I guess and not know. Isn’t loving not a guessing game but rather feeling it and knowing things is in the right perspective. Right now I’m so confuse what I feel for you. I do miss you I really admit that. Sometimes I feel that I already love you but at times the feeling subsides. If one loves a person isn’t it consistent, isn’t it grand with no longings, no hurt feeling but just pure bliss. The things you’ve made me feel is a mixed signal, at times I feel like soaring and flying high but most of the time I feel like an angel with only one wing. Ready to fall down from the heaven I have been living, from the dreams I have been making and the wishes I have been longing. Sometimes when I’m all alone I keep thinking of the time when we can be together again and make all our dreams a reality. To quench all the longing inside of me, the loneliness without you here with me and just the emptiness of life far from you. But my greatest wish is that somehow life would be kind and we can have all of it and so much more.

  1. Krishna says:

    Hi Adeic!

    It’s been long since i checked ur blog. But must i say, i like all ur posts and when i read ur posts, the romantic in me comes alive.

    Abt the guessing game in love, I feel when you start liking someone..when every call that you get or every sms that you get, u just jump for the phone thinking it might be from that special person, when a smile crosses ur lips, the moment u think abt her/him, when you miss that person so much that she/he occupies ur mind even while you are in a crowd, and when u feel blissed when she/he is around..that is the time u are sure (not only guessing) that you are in love with her/him.

    See the romantic in me… 😛

  2. adeic says:

    Hi Krishna,

    Thanks for visiting my blog again and for becoming inspired by my post…yes I love to meet/know people who are romantic & is not afraid to express & show it 🙂

  3. angelzhannin says:

    sus oi! ka romantic ba nimu yadz hehehe… Take care

  4. adeic says:

    hi yadz thanks for dropping by hehehe mga drama lang sa life yads…

  5. Hani says:

    I think people who luved seriously
    r always hurted.

    and who donot take it seriously, always got it..

    but the best thing a lover will always wish is that

    that the person whom u loved ,, belives u.

  6. adeic says:

    that’s true but sometimes the hardest thing to do is letting the person you know felt the real feelings you have for him…

  7. Hani says:

    But some times peolpe know our feeling,
    But they still donot responce it in any way.
    And we r always trying to express our feeling to our lover
    but again its matter of LuCk that our lover likes or dislikes the way we try to express our feelings…

  8. adeic says:

    yes that’s also true that people know who we feel but at times we are confuse if our feelings are reciprocated or not that’s when the mixed signal and complications comes…

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