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Posted: June 19, 2008 in Choices, I love you, Letting Go, Love
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*Love is patient.

How long will you be patient?

How long will you wait

If that person you love

Doesn’t even learn to trust you

Is it love? Can love exist without trust?

No I don’t think so

For love is unconditional

It trust, It accept, It forgive


*Love is kind.

How can love be kind?

If you’re being a martyr

If the love you’ve given

Has not been given back in kind

When you’re life is full of suffering

Unhappiness, disillusionment, tragedy

Both physical and emotional

Do we need to hurt the one we love

Do we need to hold them so close

Because we fear of losing that someone

Who means so much


*Love does not suffocate nor does it restricts

It helps you grow and find yourself

Without losing your own identity

by sharing your life with someone


*Love creates endless possibilities

And let you fly so high

Knowing that if you fall

It will always be there

Open, free, willing, accepting


*Love is blind.

It cannot be blind

How can you see the loveliness

Of the feelings it creates

If you don’t see

But only feel its emotions

For you to know love

You must see it

In it’s totality

without lies

without pretensions

without prejudice


*Love is life’s complexities

We may spend a lifetime

Defining its existence

But we can never really

Define its real meaning

In a simple quote or theory

For love knows no boundaries

Nor has a single definition

It is as old as time

So unpredictable, so strong

But at the same time

Creates calmness and peace

Deep inside of you

Like no one could


PS. Wrote this one last summer of 2005….this is not a poem just a thought I have when I was feeling so stress with one of my friend situation…anyways feel free to comment about this one would really love to hear your opinions you might disagree with some of the things I’ve said but hey this a free country was only writing my stressful thought that time 🙂