Forgiveness is sometimes hard to give especially if you’ve been hurt so deep by the person you love. The one whom you think your world revolves around that you envision yourself to spend a lifetime together. Then, out of nowhere they suddenly disappear leaving you behind with a lot of questions and a hurt so deep. Yes indeed it is time that heals the wound and make you move on to forget the memories, the pain of the betrayal and maybe look up to a new future. The future that could possibly bring a new love, a new hope, a new beginning but what if suddenly the person who cause you all those hurt suddenly reappears.

It is a dilemma especially if you are starting to pick up the pieces in your life and the wounds started healing. You thought you have forgotten him and have moved on but why do just a mere hello turn your inside to jitters. Suddenly you are back at where you are before that you can’t quite understand why you’re feeling happy, when you should have been angry in the first place, then to feel suddenly as if nothing happens. The hurt and pain you’ve felt just evaporated in thin air. You hold on to your pride, to your anger, to your betrayal, to your hurt but only to hold unto it in vain. Because loving breaks barriers, heals all your pain and makes you hope again that maybe this time around love will come to stay. Since in reality we can’t resist the temptation to open our heart again to the one we love.

PS. written May 30, 2008 for md

  1. senmoz says:

    Having born and brought up in India, with lot of Hindu temples, Karma, and all those righteous path from childhood, you are right in saying, that Forgivness is the prognosis for a peaceful existence. Just relax and loose the body, slowly close your eyes, and just think about the goodness around you, uplift your mind to sublime. Also, time will heal, and find newer meanings and happiness.

    Best regards,

  2. adeic says:

    Thanks for the comments…only in forgiveness will we ever find peace 🙂

  3. olaf says:

    very beautiful written.
    and thank u for sharing it.

  4. adeic says:

    thanks for the comment…and for liking my post…come back soon

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