I am so tired lately that some unexpected feelings suddenly resurface especially when I read the email you sent before then I started to miss you so so much I don’t know why I really feel this way. It was such a fun time you were so funny and so sweet. You even ended your letter with a kiss and now I just wonder was it all just makebelief all the time we’ve spent with each others, were they just lies meant for me to believe that you really care for me or perhaps we felt something for each other that time but it just so sad for you to go away without saying goodbye. You were like some of the people I know who left my life without saying goodbye breaking my heart in two and tearing up to pieces the hope I’ve felt when you came and clouding the beautiful rainbow that once color my life. It was a happy moment in my life, making me fly so high, loving so true, so ecstatic never knowing that I will fall so hard without you to catch my fall because you are so busy chasing your own dreams, living your own life never knowing that somebody is hurting the day you went away. It is a sad thing but there are things that is just meant to end unexpectedly. I haven’t been thinking of you for quite sometime. I’m even starting to pick up the pieces back and put stitches to patch my wounded heart but still the memory of you creeps in once in awhile and today’s the worst. I know I should let you go. You haven’t even glance back the day you decided to let go of me but what can I do sometimes this heart beats for you. I know in time you will only be a sweet memory, a close chapter of a book, a forgotten melody of a fading song because by then the music has stop playing and my heart beat again to a differnt rhythm brought about by the wind of change.

PS: A rumble thoughts written during the afternoon and this evening for a person I’m missing right now…..

  1. Kieron says:

    wow, your stories of love really touched me, because i have a girl i love and i think she loves me but cannot be with me because she is already with another love at the moment, i just wish she was with me and not him 😦 and it also makes me really sad. Just thought ill let you know you arent alone, i too have a love that is fading away.

  2. adeic says:

    Yes thanks Kieron I dont know sometiemes I want to forget him completely but at times I can’t help but miss him….:-)

  3. sam says:

    hey how you doin guys thank you about this story and its really sad and today i want to entjos my self to 1 of the ppl who got hurt and i would love to shere this moment i have the same story i had a girl who alweys she ther for me and i loved her until in fall in love with her and when we came to be 1 part didnt happing and life start goin down and i trusted her with all my heart and i desieded to go some where eals to work and make life batter and then when i left ooooohhhhhh it’s so hard to say it after a month she went back to her Xbf couse of her mom she made her … 😦 and i ‘v been with her almost 2 years and now she’s havin a baby and she stil massege me some time but i can’t do nothin couse i don’t want to be a problam in her life ……………………but i stil love her and i will stil love her until the end of my life i remamber evry thin i remamber how she walk and how she talk and how she kiss me i see her besid me when im along i smill he perfum i miss her with all my hear i miss the way she lugh and the way she cry i miss they way make my lugh when i cant smile i miss when i put my head on her heart and hear it 1 by 1 i miss evry thin on her i can see it like yeasterday that momory will naver go out of my mind .. and thank you guys for that sobjct and im of u guys you not along
    for any contac that’s my emil

  4. adeic says:

    Hi sam ohh thank you for your comment I know how you must have felt sometimes its kind of hard to let go of the person you love & have made a big difference with your life…but I know someday if its not God plan for you to be together he will give you a much better girl…goodluck on your journey of finding your love…

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