This time around

Posted: March 1, 2008 in Choices, Complicated, I love you, Journey, Letting Go, Life, Love, Loving You, Moments, Moving On, New Love


I think one can only find fulfillment or satisfaction after finding the right person to spend the rest of her/his life with. What is the purpose of gaining all the material possession money can buy when you have no one to share it and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Too bad though I haven’t found it yet so that finaly I can have some meaning and purpose on going on with my life. I didn’t say that I haven’t been in love its just most of them has just come so swiftly like the wind in my life, making it topsy-turvy and leaving me wondering if it’s really just bits and pieces of my imagination. I sometimes wonder why they have come at all and disturb my precious mind. Could they just leave me alone in my solitude. But no they have to awaken my heart, my soul and teach it to beat, to hope, to love when it doesn’t have any assurance at all that it’s forevermore. But I guess we all take chances, we risk, we love, we cry, we reminisce, we long to turn back the clock when in reality we all move on and start over and wish once more that maybe this time around you’ll find the guy who’ll stay and be with you forever like prince charming in cinderella.

 PS: I was scanning through my diaries and I’ve caught this one entry that I write last dec. 3 ’99 and the funny thing is although this blog is almost a decade old I’m still feeling the same dilemma I’ve faced before 🙂

  1. anglhugnu2 says:

    “Could they just leave me alone in my solitude. But no they have to awaken my heart, my soul and teach it to beat, to hope, to love when it doesn’t have any assurance at all that it’s forevermore.”

    They say there is a purpose and reason for why a person enters our life. Each individual we meet, more than once, carries a message for us to hear. I have come to understand that message is spoken when my heart has asked, more than once, a question I dearly wish to know its answer.

    Those I have met, along the way (on more than one occasion), have also awakened my spirit (my soul) and taught my heart to once again beat, to hope, and to love. Apparently, “Am I truly this magnificent? was the question I needed to have answered. And, until I would relent in some manner of belief in the answer being “Yes!” I would remain awash in the disbelief of Love’s enormous power truth within me.

    So, if it never has been or will ever be said of you from this point on, take comfort in the various levels of Love living deep within you. What you will to experience in the happiness you ARE you will to understand, appreciate, and ultimately Love the light and life you bring into the lives you touch.

    In other words, “Yes, you truly are THAT magnificent!” And, the measure of brilliance you wish to enjoy is the level of happiness and life you will to experience.

    What I am tellin you is more than just THINKING being happy. What I am telling you is about taking that next step toward accepting your love as real genuine and pure.

    You ARE Love….and Love RIGHT NOW!


    Author of IM with God

  2. Shireesh says:

    I came across ur page searching for love (on google :D). Those photos are so romantic and ur post is so true too. I will stay here for a while and enjoy the rest:)
    keep posting

  3. adeic says:

    Yes I like those photos that’s why I put them in here…they’re not actually mine but I just one every blog I have to have a photo…Well do come back anytime if you wish or you can add me to your blogroll

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