Posted: February 23, 2008 in Celebration, Decisions, Dreaming, friendship, Life, Love, Moments, Moving On, Path, Relationship


Our life is compose of a series of moments, not the bigger picture, not the drama, not the search for total bliss nor the happily ever after. Oftentimes we want to stay in a certain situation forever that we wish it to never end but as there is beginning so there must be an ending. Why can’t we stay in a particular situation forever, why must it have to move on and change because for me the beauty of life is not the bigger picture or happily after. The beauty lies in the moments. Sometimes we forget to savour the moment we rush so fast to things that needs to be done, to goals that needs to be achieve, to problems need to be fix and so on and so forth but we forget to just sit and relax and see and enjoy that moment for once its gone you can never really go back to it.

There are moments that I savor so much that I keep them close to my heart and I thank all those people who share those moments with me for without them it wouldn’t be as memorable. I have my moments of joy, moments of tears, moments of triump, moments of englighten, moments of great friendship, moments of love, moments of letting go, moments of surprise, moments of lost, moments of betrayal, moments of being special that I thank God everyday of my life for the moments that made my day beautifully bless. It might not be much to some, I might not be as successful nor as achiever as other people but I’m grateful for the friends I’ve met along the way who share special moments with me and for the men who share a bit of their lives I also thank you for that moment when you’ve also been a part of my life.

  1. Abhee says:

    I am your greatest fan now.

    The way you have just captured every single feeling closed inside the walls of a heart which might be happy, smiling may be broken. Every single word in all the poems or articles or magical lines ( as I want them to be called ..) are so beautifully expressed, yet so innocent and true to life. Almost it felt as if I was the one in all those places. The way you see life and its various emotions is so divine and way you express them is really magical. I want to write more about what I felt after I read a few of your posts, but I have to leave now. I just thought I should convey this to you, I hope it reaches you. Thank you for all these magical lines.

    P.S. It definitely has motivated me now to start my own blog. I just love penning my thoughts down. Anyways! Thanks a Lot. Keep up the good work. Chao πŸ™‚

  2. adeic says:

    HI Abhee thanks so much for liking my blogs it is really nice to hear from people like you that one way or another I’ve inspired you to write your thoughts. Its just what I feel and I want people that read to really understand my feelings in that moment in time πŸ™‚

  3. Abhee says:

    Hey !
    I was just checking back if you have replied, its great to hear from you. Its more important to capture those moments, the kind of feelings that you have gone through; one way or the other I have also gone through the same emotions at some point of my life.
    There is a strange kind of attractiveness in your writing and moreover I also believe that one should never edit their writings, that spoils the actual feeling that one wants capture.
    Great to know somebody like you!

    P.S. Is there anything special in the name that you are using – “adeic”

  4. adeic says:

    Yeah I quite agree with you good to know that there is somebody that also agrees with me about not editing my work even my poetry I seldom edit it but some people likes edited works but me I’m more into feelings. And thanks again for appreciating my writings…oh adei is my nick and c is my middle initial…I hope I get to see your blog someday if you have one πŸ™‚

  5. Abhee says:

    Feelings – yeah very right! There are so many, some easy to express, some even more easier to express, yet there are some so many which are harder to express. It feels when we found someone who actually thinks on the same track. Its probably not about the situations that you might have gone through but the way you have expressed them is commendable (which is very significant of the way I would express them ..!)

    Situations can be very similar, but feelings are so unique and rare. You have got that special magic to portray them.

    Nice nickname πŸ™‚ I don’t have one now, but am working on it, will send you the first invite once I have it. Stay in Touch πŸ™‚

    P.S. I am not able to give a title for the blog … confusions yaar … πŸ˜‰

  6. adeic says:

    Yes feelings are sometimes indescribable emotions that makes you happy or sad but it also helps you create something that helps you describe this feelings that’s why I love to write when the feelings so stong helps express it….

    I hope you will have ur blogs soon and the confusion clears…take care…looking forward to reading your blog someday

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