Another Goodbye

Posted: November 11, 2007 in Choices, Complicated, Crossroads, Letting Go, Love, Loving You
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I don’t like the word goodbye sometimes don’t you just wish there is no word goodbye in the dictionary. But just like pain is inevitable so does Goodbye. We all must face a series of Goodbye in our lives whether we like it or not. Anyway I haven’t been here for awhile I just didn’t feel like writing since life seems just been drifting as usual but then suddenly somebody put sunshine to it. Don’t get me wrong I’m pass the stage of always being in the dark but sometimes when life’s get a bit of routine it just seems there is nothing to look forward too. And zoom he came, he made me smile for no reason at all and each day that I know him well I get a little bit excited to finally met him but sad to say fate has not yet been kind to let us met. I don’t know what it is but just simple things he did makes me really feel special. I don’t even know what he feels for me maybe I’m just a friend he can spend his time and pass time besides its not a real connection we’ve had. We never even meet but just lately I can feel he is suddenly withdrawing from me putting a distance I don’t quite understand. Did he guess that I might just feel something more for him and he don’t know how to deal with it or maybe he feel its better to stay away. I just don’t know and now he is going far from me and I don’t know what will happen after that but I wish he won’t say goodbye to me at all cause I just want him to stay with me in my life and maybe who knows go from there. But as of now I must just go on with my life and hoping and praying for the best. If he is not meant to stay in my life forever then I must accept it as another goodbye to deal with. I’ve done it before I guess I can do it again. Oh but why can’t there be no goodbye in our life??? What a dilemma but its a fact

  1. Ani says:


    dis has happened wid meh too…!

    dis is so true!

  2. adeic says:

    I guess if there’s a beginning so there must be and end…well we did part ways such a shame but we just can’t help it if some people chose to stay away from us…

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  4. YaNi says:

    i really love everything you post… but this entry in particular has really touched my heart.. the part when you wrote that you feel him withdrawing away from you is the exact feeling i have right now for a man i can never touch.. maybe we can say that people tend to weave a complicated web once love is involvedsaying goodbye is really hard specially if it will be to somebody we want to stay… is fate to blame? or are just scared to try and push it a bit further?… if he is ment to leave, why do we have to meet?… the reason for every goodbye is hard to understand…. but saying and accepting it is thrice as hard… keep posting beautiful entries ok… you put into words what people often suppress… 🙂

  5. adeic says:

    yes i guess so because often time I’m very honest to what i’m feeling at that moment especially when one is hurt that’s why i think many people can relate becoz of the fragility of the heart…thanks for the comment

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