I wish I can love you as much as you love me but I’m so sorry if I can only love you half heartedly. Silly me to think one can love only in half not in whole. Who am I kidding around but only myself and maybe hurt you in the long run. But I like having you around, I like the way you cared for me and I don’t know why I hold back in giving you all my love. Maybe I’m scared that I will be into deep with you and fear the thought of losing you. At least if I love you just a little bit not too much then if you go the hurt would be less painful and my heart will not be as broken as before. Or maybe the reason I can’t give you all of me because my heart still beats for someone else. It is really not intentional I do wish to love you truly but I can’t maybe in time and you can still wait for me.

PS: This post is somewhat related to my blog Sometimes but that blog talks about the other guy. I wrote that blog first then Wishes.

  1. a friend says:

    I know what you mean. and a year later here I am regretting my inability to love fully, and regretting having broken it off.

  2. adeic says:

    Well I didn’t learn to give him my all so I let him go again but he do try to communicat with me but I don’t think I can love him as much as I love the other guy so for me its no sense in going back to him despite the fact he is good to me. But I do believe if the right one comes along you can love him back with all of you and forget your past.

  3. shay says:

    the think is that i would i love to buy,but honey it is all about money,
    if you have money,you have every thing,in my life i love one and i am still in love,but the think is that i am here,and she is there,
    this is my love

  4. shay says:

    you know i am really in love,but she dont care about me,but i am care about her,it is ok, i am in love

  5. mane says:

    love is an illness so be careful..sometime you think that u r in love and u r happy but its not what you think it is.. not everyone and eveybody thinking and feeling same way as you.. so love is a game just meant to be played..

  6. evanjames says:

    ohhh.. i know how the guy feels!

  7. random girl who happened to run into your blog... says:

    just one thing to say…

    LOVE is about taking risks and chances…Letting go, and seeing where it takes you.

  8. random girl who happened to run into your blog... says:

    p.s happy valentines day =)

  9. matul says:

    i luv u4wat u r n nt 4wat u arnt………….

  10. yani says:

    you captured it perfectly… what you’ve written is so true… i was just googling for nice pictures and i clicked the picture and linked me to this site and read this post… damn… you’re really right…

  11. adeic says:

    thanks its what I really felt at that moment…no matter how I try its just wasn’t there…:-)

  12. mabel s. says:

    That happened to me!
    But I think it’s better to go away from that guy until you forget the other one, I mean, that was what I did!
    …But it also hurts


  13. Just K says:

    What worries me is that i have always felt this way and ended it prematurely.

    Will that smn come along about whom i feel that i can give myself completely.
    And build a life with…

  14. Smiling says:

    My problem is loving someone too much, even if i know they will never love me nearly as much. i feel so strongly it can hurt and i can’t let go now matter how much i know i should. i know you’ll think that i shouldn’t get so attatched to people, but it can be so hard sometimes/

  15. sophiee says:

    i know what you mean,
    i felt like that when i first met my boyf, but now i love him soo much more than i did then, he doesnt seem to love me asmuch,
    but i dont think he’s realized how much he’s changed.
    we kind of messed up abit ago, and i stopped loving him as much as i did]:

  16. iono says:


  17. aiiim says:

    i know exactly how u feel …

  18. babygirl says:

    I love you not only for what you are,

    But for what i am when i am with you.

  19. Shobi K' says:

    Luv makes u weak.. It replenishes u of ur intensity,it deprives u of ur strength,its a thing of evil.. A sweet piece of candy with a bitter centre..
    And i speak from experience..

  20. maria says:

    love does not make you weak…… (sorry had to reply to that last message) love is the strongest thing in the world. if you really seriously take a good look at it, its the strongest thing.

    but i know how you feel though …im in the same situation…

    what you wrote was beautiful though… in its own way….
    good luck:)

  21. adeic says:

    I agree with you love makes you strong but I think the feeling of being weak comes when one is in heartache, in pain and hurting so much from the lost love but later on love will come and brings Joy in your life….

  22. Hani says:

    luv is sum sort of emotion … or a felling…
    very few people fell it seriously..

    mostly change their way when their feeling has been changed…
    it may takes a time, bt this hurts only the 1 who is faithful and not a cheater..


    hey i m writing my experience love has such strength which can force one man to fly like when wind blow people enjoy it but at the same time it is like storm if it is not reality …i.e. love is not true
    obvious love make u mad but u can not ignore at all it is natural to pace live and career as well you need true love which i missing still

  24. Sujit says:

    Love, Never end in LIFE, Its a Heart to Heart reletionship, its a beautiful realization, its a greatter achivment, its a strength, its a . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  25. adeic says:

    thanks hani, semwal and sujit for your insights about love….it’s one of life’s mystery really how it can make you happy and sad at the same time…but being in love is such a glorious feeling…take care all

  26. mithun says:

    hi ,this is for u dear

  27. Beer says:

    I dont know wat has happened to me . . The more i talk to her da more i get emotional , da more i her u i fall deeply in love

  28. adeic says:

    yes it is so sad sometimes wanting to be closer to the one you love who does not love you but moving on is the best way than hanging on to someone who don’t love you as much as you love them… thanks for the comment

  29. ronnel says:

    yeah! that was inspiring moment in our life..
    just because were having fun anytime

  30. ieshia says:

    i Lovee Himm Butt Hee Keepss Hurtinqq Mehh , Soo imm Juss Leavinqq . iss Dett Daa Riqhtt Thinqq Daa Doo .

  31. adeic says:

    yes sometimes leaving the one you love is much kinder than staying who knows you might me someone much better than him…. oh geesh this post is 3 years ago so many things happen since…

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