Sometimes I still think of you but not as often as before. Though I love to let you go completely but there is still a part of me that wants to hang on to remember you and keep you forever close to my heart. I’ve let you go before and like the saying go “If you love someone let them go and if it come backs it is yours and if not it was not yours in the first place.” and then you come back so does it means you are mine or is it just a temporary lapse of time where you will go again and fly away from me but oops this time around I’m the one who will let go of you. I cannot stand this waiting game for you to finally realize what you really want in your life. Is it me you want or perhaps some other person much better than me. I have given all I can give but maybe it was not enough or maybe it is just the end of the line for us. Yes there is always a question in my mind without answer but then I don’t want to contemplate of that answer only to find out there is nothing to it. I have met someone new but my heart don’t beat as fast as it beats for you nor though I long for him as much as I long for you but then again I choose this path and I wish to move on so maybe someday I can give him all of me that I’ve given to you but till that time comes I know I will still be thinking of you once in awhile but that is where you belong from now on — only in my memories not in my heart cause that door is reserved for the person who will love me more than I love myself )

  1. evilp8ntballer7 says:

    wow, really nicly said I am kinda in that same situation and alot of my blogs relate to this sort of stuff maybe you wouldnt mind reading them?
    this is kinad new to me so idk if u can click my name to get to it but its

  2. hismuse says:

    Nicely put, I know the feeling too.

  3. adeic says:

    thanks for your comment yeah that is what Im feeling right now

  4. Krishna says:

    Just read ur views on letting go ur love. Is it real? Did it happen to you? I m experiencing it rite now. I m heartbroken ‘coz the girl i liked is involved with someone else. But i can’t take her off my mind. I am feeling so angry. we hv been friends for a year now. but she treats my like a friend. n when she confessed that she is seeing somone i dint know wat to say. I want to forget her but i m not able to..I feel like crying. Why did she come in my life? I dont know whom to hate…her or myself. Dont know wat to do. continue to be her best buddy? or confess my feelings for her knowing that she is seeing someone else? wat do i do? I m confused n heartbroken. 😦

  5. adeic says:

    Hi Krishna,

    Thanks for the comment yes it is true what I write in here in the blog though I love him I realize that there was no point in continuing on with what we have cause it seems that we are just running in circles. It took me time to finally get him out of my mind not even a new person who loves me really get me over him soon but I realize if you find again another love you can really let him go. Your dilemma is quite hard especially since you are friends and it is just one sided I think, so the better way to go is give her up to the person who can make her happy who knows in time she might see you as more than just a friend but till that time don’t hesitate to open your doors to someone else cause there might just be somebody out there who will reciprocate your feelings. Good luck to you:)

  6. Krishna says:

    Thanks so much for ur response. Ur answers seem rational and logical to follow. But u know there’s hardly a logic involved in matters of heart. I m yet undecided. I hope i can let her know what i think abt her in a way that doesn’t hurt our friendship even if she doesn’t think alike.
    And thanks again for visiting my blog. 🙂

  7. adeic says:

    Hmm yeah I believe love has no logic and its a hard dilemma wat you are feeling for your friend cause I’ve been in the same boat before where I love my friend but the funny thing is I never did get to telling him cause I’m so afraid to lose him well anyways I hope you have solve your dilemma. Good luck to you 🙂 And you know what I have finally forget this guy because I’ve meet someone new but the funny thing is he doesn’t reciprocate my feelings for him but still I thank him cause he makes me forget the other guy and move on with my life 🙂

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  9. SaNaSaNz says:

    hi sis.. just read about it. glad you’re over this.. wish i’ll be soon 🙂 take care! 🙂

  10. adeic says:

    Salamat sis for reading my blog basin na shock lang ka nakta balik sa imong ex but I know sooner or later you will really get him out of your system for good….

  11. olaf says:

    wow I never read something deep like this but I can say that I can understand ur feelings very well. Do u able to find a person who loves u more than u do?

  12. adeic says:

    hmm that question is hard to answer but I do open my heart to a few people…I’m still on a journey to finding my one true love…I guess I’m like I’m quite a believer of that…it might be dreamy, it might be romantic but I do believe one day I’ll find that person who loves me more than I love him….btw thanks for the comment

  13. Hani says:

    I donot understand..

    why girls r always hoping 4 a beetter 1..

    Y u dont let him to prove that he is the best..

    or is there any limit of being the best in ur minds…

    well i dont think any 1 in this world is the perfect being..

    Itz JuSt ThE matter of thinking …


    plz read it & reply

  14. adeic says:

    hmm maybe because the one she thought is the best failed her so ladies always tends to think there must be a much better person than her failed relationship…of course i do admit there is no such thing as perfect person or a perfect love…it’s just a matter of accepting an imperfect person unconditionally…but knowing our limitations at times its hard to do…that’s just my opinion I don’t know about the other ladies out there….

  15. Hani says:

    Thanks 4 reply…
    I want to ask u 1 thing more plz.
    when v luv some 1 and our lover ignores us then what is the best way
    to keep ourself normal..

    Do u belief that if some 1 is yours, then he will be yours whether u try
    4 him or not.
    and the 1 who is not urs will never ever be yours, whether what ever u do 4 him?
    take care
    wish u all the best in future.


  16. Hani says:

    Love is always blind..

    If it is Love.

  17. adeic says:

    yes i still believe that if he is really yours the effort is less not like if you keep on trying but he is not for you then in the end its useless either he will let go of you or you will realize his not really the right one for you…like what happen to the person that I write this blog I was so happy when he came back but I later on find out I’m better off without him 🙂

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